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Training And Development

Our courses and programs are based on many years of experience, navigating the gap between vision and reality. All programs are based on solid theory and proven experience.

Nova Change uses a real case approach whereby training initiatives are project based. Clients are empowered to apply the learnings during the training in the workplace and receive a toolbox to support full implementation. Lastly, but most importantly, all interventions will be accompanied by regular monitoring and evaluation after determined a time period (as per clients’ needs).

The duration of programs vary according to the intervention designed for the client.  This can be adjusted to the clients’ needs and budget. Pricing and Costs also vary according to services supplied and are specified on submission of proposals.

Our Training Portfolio includes products within five main areas



With the emphasis on internal organizational communication. Management and employee communication and with the focus on anchoring vision as well as strategic decisions and goals within the organization.

Communication Interventions

  • Developing your Vision and Mission
  • Personalized Internal communication programs according to needs
  • Facilitation of Communication Sessions for Employees
  • Presentation skills
  • Giving & Receiving feedback
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Team Building – improving on employees team spirit and communication
  • Coaching & Mentoring



The ability to develop, carry forward and implement strategic initiatives securing the organizational growth, organizational efficiency and optimal development meeting the market need and customer demands.

Change Management Interventions

  • Identify Need And Motivation For   Change
  • Fundamental Theory –In Praxis
  • Self Mastery
  • Proactive Planning For Change
  • Executing & Implementing Change
  • Managing Resistance To Change
  • Evaluation Of Change Initiatives Tool Box



The ability to lead in a multi-level and complex organizational reality – implementing the strategic decisions of the company and/or organization. The ability to meet and act in the needs of the market, top-management, board, employees and clients.

Leadership Interventions

  • Facilitation of Leadership Meetings
  • Strategic Management
  • Leading Change & Diversity Management
  • Business Ethics & Culture
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution



With the focus on both product innovation (and development) as well as organizational development. Focus on how to implement and practice an innovative culture – securing fast adaption (and pro-activity) to new markets, new market demands as well as market opportunities.

Innovation Interventions

  • Co Create, Co Design, Co Lead
  • Idea to Action
  • Creative process Design and Development
  • Bringing Out Innovation within Your Team
  • Creative leadership
  • Project & Product Development


With the focus on Entrepreneurship training and Entrepreneurship understanding within both the private and public sector. Focus on new company and/or product start-ups as well as spin-offs within existing companies. High focus on “train-the-trainer” within schools and universities to support the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Mozambique.

Entrepreneurship Interventions

  • Develop your Business sense
  • Improve your sales and communication skills
  • Differentiate yourself from the competitors
  • Making action plans and getting things done faster and more effectively
  • Becoming aware of your own strengths and weaknesses 
  • Personal Leadership
  • Self Confidence and Starting a Business
  • Life Skills Workshop
  • How to set up a Business in Mozambique
  • Project Management