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What We Offer

Our focused range of offers include open courses (multi-company training), company specific courses, consulting, personal development and coaching as well as networking activities – meeting the needs and the demands of the Mozambican market. Interventions can be personalized to meet the clients’ needs.

Nova Change uses a systemic approach to help organizations unfold their inherent capability to change.

We always work action-oriented, helping our clients with applying and testing their learning in real-life.

Our Products include:


  • Open course programs - (multi-company training) - Learn More
  • Company Specific Activities(consulting, assessment and courses) - Learn More
  • Coaching (leadership coaching and personal coaching) - Learn More
  • Assessment Center (assessment for young talent, high flyers, promo ability, trainability, selection, change, career planning, competencies as well as leadership potential) - Learn More
  • Networking and CSR Activities (after work meetings, virtual platforms and network meetings) - Learn More