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Assessment Centres


Promoting or hiring the wrong candidate can be devastating for any company, department or organization. Usually it takes months before you realize the mistake and after that another several month of compensating behavior and evaluations in an attempt to get the employee on the right track. When you finally admit that you made a mistake, irreparable damage might have occurred within the workplace, to the team or to the relationship with important clients. 

Nova Change Assessment Center helps your organization identify high potential employees for your specific needs – be it for recruitment, identifying for young talent, high flyers, promotability, trainability, selection, change, career planning, competencies as well as leadership potential.

Our Assessment Center uses a systemic and holistic approach to assessing the capabilities, both personal and professional, of each candidate we evaluate. This includes job-related, real-world simulations, task solving, teamwork, interviews, and/or psychometric testing.


Nova Change Competency Model

In our approach to assessment, Nova Change use a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities that are most essential for success in a given job position.

Our starting point is our uniquely developed competency model that evaluates and assess the candidates capabilities with 6 different areas: Leadership, Creativity, Communication, Knowledge, Learning and Social skills.

This model has been developed and tested to secure that all areas of the candidates skills and capabilities are brought to light, and to give the candidates the best possible conditions to show who they are, their skills and capabilities.

Assessment Center – Description

Each of the competencies that are evaluated measure a wide range of the candidates’ capabilities within each competency, i.e. the ability to work with others, leadership potential, creativity or problem solving skills.

Assessment Center – The Structure

The assessment of the candidates are divided into 4 stages as described below:

  • Stage 1: Screening of candidates
  • Stage 2: Psychometric testing (optional)
  • Stage 3: Assessment center
  • Stage 4: Reporting