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In addition to our main Development Interventions, Nova Change is introducing networking platforms and activities to promote exposure, sharing of experiences and learning. Along with Networking, CSR activities are also part of the focus in terms of the development of young talent and female entrepreneurs.

Networking Activities

To secure a sound and inspiring platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas – and to engage in co-development of future activities and cooperation. Through the Nova Change website clients have automatic access to:


  • The virtual platform – a website with articles, inspiration, latest news, tools and methods within the areas of HR and change management, blogging and more. Further more the virtual platform will include (over time) access to on-line follow-up after training and serve as a meeting platform for participants from the various trainings (open courses)
  • Information on Inspiration meetings – also called “go home meetings”. Approximately twice a month Nova Change will invite members for inspirational meetings, lectures and presentations – combined with the opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas, best practices and challenges. The speakers can be CEO’s and HR-managers from local companies, consultants from Nova Change, associated consultants or similar – people that have new ideas or approaches to be shared. The meetings will take place in the late afternoon.


CSR Programs

As a part of the CSR activities of Nova Change, we seek to promote youth (17-22 years old) and female and leadership entrepreneurship in Mozambique.