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About Us



About Us

Nova Change is a Maputo-based Consultancy Firm. Our overall focus is to offer an integrated quality and sustainable range of solutions in the areas of Human Resources and Change Management in the form of training, development and consultancy services by qualified and experienced consultants and partners.

Nova Change has a strategic partnership with two organizations. Plan B - a Danish/Swedish market leader in the development of specialized change and transformation both in the public and private sector; and Idea Lab – a Mozambican organization specialized in the development of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs and working with developing innovative work environments and solutions.

Nova Change are leadership partners in a world where the only thing we can expect is that everything will be different, where change has become the constant. We believe that organizations must embrace change to continue to be successful. We cooperate with our clients, enhance their knowledge and understanding, develop capability and support in execution of specific change initiatives in parallel.

Our Partners /Consultants


Elizabete Baptista

  • Partner/Consultant at Nova Change - working in Mozambique , Southern Africa, Angola , UK
  • Over 30 years experience in the HR field in Industry, as Consultant and Strategic Partner
  • Develops strategic HR , Turn Key Projects ,Change & Transformation interventions and Leaders
  • Managing Director of Change Lda for 9 years - amongst the best performing HR Consulting companies in the field of Development and Recruitment in the Mozambican market
  • Wits university SA- Sociologist,MA - Labour Relations
  • International Accredited Professional Coach and Facilitator

Sonia Kanji

  • Partner/Consultant at Nova Change– working in Mozambique and Southern Africa
  • Design and Implementation of Key Projects, Change and Transformation Interventions
  • Facilitation of Training Initiatives
  • Over 8 years experience in the HR field as Consultant and In Industry in Mozambique and Southern Africa region.
  • University of Pretoria – BA Honours Psychology
  • Senior Leadership Program at a global FMCG



Nova Change consists of a network of consultants at various levels of expertise and experience as part of our talent pool. Each consultant will be best suited according to the clients needs and relevance of the intervention / project.